Scoring, round 2.

Last night I made a second attempt a scoring a ballgame during the series finale between the Yankees and the Jays. My scorecard can be found here. I used a different card that was much more detailed and I included hitting charts for each at bat. Last night's attempt was better than my first, but I did make one small mistake. This particular scorecard included pitch counts for each pitcher in the form of strikes-total. I mistakenly did not score each hit toward the pitcher's strike count, as it should have been. So, on my card, strike counts for the starters are off, but I did start scoring properly for all relievers.

There were a few things that I didn't like about the card: my entries for pitch counts were in a much too small font and were incorrectly placed for triple digit numbers; and the pitcher statistics did not include hits allowed or runs (earned runs was on there but I find it interesting to see how many runs crossed the plate while a particular pitcher was on the mound as well). I modified the card to fix these issues and I also added a 'game stats' and a 'game notes' section at the bottom of the score card; the former to include things like team records, winning, losing, and save pitchers; and the latter to include additional information about the game, e.g ejections, balks, et cetera.

Going to try the new card out for tonight's game. Hopefully the R and ER entries are large enough for Rzepczynski.


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