Jason Frason explained

Jason Frasor stared the season as the Jays' best and most consistent relief arm. Through April and May, Frasor boasted a minuscule ERA, a very respectable WHIP and rock-solid dependability. However, Frasor's numbers began to slide around the end of May and have continued on a downward trend.

This was very puzzling to me, so I decided to do some research. I believe the key to Frasor's demise is best illustrated in graphical form:

I have concluded that Jason Frasor's collapse can be directly correlated to being picked up by team Neverland Lost Boys (by owner Joseph Van der Jagt) on May 20 in my fantasy baseball league. In a league that rewards innings pitched, wins, and saves, Jason Frasor had no idea how to contribute. This confusion clearly lead to Frasor's performance plummeting into oblivion. There was one bright spot; an injury to Scott Downs gave Frasor a glimmer of hope: he could contribute in the save category. This bliss was short lived, as Frasor realized he was by no means a closer.

Fuck you Van der Jagt; it's science, and you can't argue with science.


Joseph van der Jagt July 7, 2009 at 1:39 PM  


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