Kevin Youkilis left-field experiment; fail.

"Yoooooooooooke," Yankee fans mockingly cheer as Kevin "You call that a strike!?" Youkilis attempts to play left-field.

Fact: I hate Kevin Youkilis.

Fact: Youkilis is a very good defensive first baseman; he even has a gold glove.

Fact: Youkilis has a hot bat this year.

Fact: Youkilis has spent most of this season being bounced between first and third base.

Fact: Jayson Bay and Rocco Baldelli are both out with injuries.

Fact: Josh Reddick can't hit lefties.

What does Francona decide to do? Put Yooke in left field. I had a good laugh when I watched the first game of the Red Sox/Yankee series on Thrusday. I'm now watching the third game on and "The Greek God of Walks" is playing left-field again. He let a liner go right over his head in the first inning, and he just misplayed a hard hit flyball—the fans are giving it to him. Can't help but feel sorry for Youkilis. He has no business playing anywhere but first base, but he's a professional and plays where he's put.

I still hate him though. Don't get me wrong. Who knows, maybe Millar will take a shot at playing left-field? Why the fuck not.