Shut up already about the Rios waiver claim

Really? Are we gonna have a repeat of the last four weeks?

If I hear one more thing about the Alex "Who gives a fuck" Rios waiver claim, I'm going to loose my fucking mind.

It's bullshit. This isn't news.

If you want to follow the second-by-second developments of this non-story, here. But really—in Alex's own words—who give a fuck? Pretty much every player is placed on waivers after August first; that's baseball. Speculate all you want about Rios's future with the team: Maybe the Jays want to shed the near $60MM he's owed on his contract. Maybe they don't (doesn't seem like it's inline with the new/old "we're competing in 2010 attitude). Just because Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal thinks it's a big deal doesn't mean that it's actually a big deal. Remember who started all the Halladay hoopla?

But seriously, waivers are supposed to be secretive—that's kind of the whole point. Slime bags want a glimmer of importance; they release names. Disgusting.

Rios is starting to find a little pop in his swing. Can we let him play baseball? At least he's trying to stay positive:

"At some point, it gets old. But, it's baseball, man. There's nothing you can do about it. You just have to not listen to [the rumors] and keep going with what you're doing...I've heard that most of the players go through waivers after the deadline is over. I guess it's a normal process that most people go through... I can't do anything. If I get traded, I get traded. I'm going to have to go wherever I get traded to, but I don't know. At this point I'm thinking that I'm staying here."
In any case, the Jays have until Tuesday to make a decision: (i) The Jays can keep him; (ii) the jays can trade him to the claiming team; or (iii) The Jays can hand him over to the claiming team. In any case, let's just shut up and wait until Tuesday.