Happy trails to you, 'till we meet again.

Yesterday, in an attempt to seek a replacement for Danny Heatley, the Ottawa Senators signed unrestricted free agent Alexi Kovalev to a two year $10 million deal. Despite the rally waged by Canadiens fans on Sunday, Bob Gainey decided to not even negotiate a new contract with the right winger.

Good fucking riddance.

Kovalev has some type of magical power that makes people not care that he's a fucking bum. News flash, Kovalev is a fucking bum. Alexei Kovalev is a brilliant hockey player—27% of the time. Alexei Kovalev is the most skilled player in the NHL—if you don't count 73% of games where he's more useless than tits on a nun. Alex Kovalev brings veteran leadership to the dressing room—if you don't consider his lack of heart, tenacity, and dedication.

My favourite Kovalev moment had to be in the '04 playoffs when he was slashed by Travis Greene, grabbed his wrist like he'd been shot, proceeded to then run into Sourey creating a breakaway on which Boston scored and eventually won the game. Not the first time Kovalev feigned and injury in the playoffs:

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Happy trails to you number 27. Take your $10 million to the bank.


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