Vernon Wells: and you thought his offence was bad.

The boys at show that Wells ranks worst among CF in the MLB.

Vernon’s UZR/150 (zone rating over 150 games) is an MLB CF worst -31.9. To put this into perspective a few players are tied for second down at -12ish... Wells’ fielding has cost the Jays 21.3 runs vs an average fielder this season. This is second worst in the MLB, only -0.3 less than Adam Dunn’s -21.6 fielding runs.

My fucking God! Sweet fucking Jesus! Adam Dunn?


The article is worth a read.

Update: Thanks to FanGraphs, I've tracked down the complete fielding number for CFs in the MLB:

Team UZR/150
Blue Jays -29.6
Braves -13.2
Orioles -12.8
Phillies -12.4
Indians -11.5
Nationals -10.4
Red Sox -9.7
Mets -8.3
Diamondbacks -6.9
Astros -4.8
Rockies -4.1
Angels -4.1
Twins -3.2
Cubs 0.7
Pirates 1.7
Tigers 1.7
Marlins 1.8
Rays 3.4
Padres 4.1
Brewers 5.9
White Sox 7
Rangers 7.7
Giants 8
Reds 8.8
Dodgers 10.5
Yankees 10.9
Royals 11.1
Athletics 14.3
Cardinals 21
Mariners 21.3

For all CF, the average UZR/150 is +0.3. Vernon Wells carries a z-score of -2.66; statistically he performs much worse than the average CF.

Shawn Marcum AA rehab start

This is very good news, indeed.

Shawn Marcum made the start last night in a AA pitching duel between the Fisher Cats and the Connecticut Defenders. The Cats whet on to win 1-0 (boxscore). Marcum himself had a very solid outting:

Marcum 4.23002400.00

Although he only pitched 4.2, he only gave up three hits on 19 batters faced.

Before this start, Marcum had made two rehab starts with Dunedin, only going a total of 6 innings over both. The Jays are slowly testing his arm; the fact that he only made two starts in HiA before going up to AA might mean that we could see him in the Big Leagues this season.

Since '05 Marcum's fastball has fallen from an average of 89.4 mph to 86.8 last year. Hopefully, in enough time, he can touch 90mph again