Game Recap: Indians-Jays, game 1.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn't get a chance to watch much of the game live. I did take advantage of one of my favourite features, and I watched the condensed game this morning.

The starting pitchers certainly did their part in this one: Cecil line was 7.0IP, 7H, 0ER, 4BB, 9K and Lee pitched the complete game with, 7H, 1ER, 0BB, and 4K.

One this I did notice in this game was that Cecil gave up a lot of extra-base hits, but they were spread across the game, so they didn't result in any earned runs. Cecil also had a decent strike count, recording 67 strikes on 108 pitches. He also had a very good ground balls to fly balls ration at 10-4, which might explain why he gave up hard hits for extra bases, but no home runs. Brett also did a great job peppering the strike zone as shown in the PitchFx graph. He also showed great speed on his fastball which averaged 91.6mph, peaked at 93.4mph and he was able to keep excellent control

Yet another very good outing from a young arm. I'm looking forward to tonight's matching where Romero takes on Pavano in the Dome.

A heart to match his 7 gloves.

I was working last night, so I didn't get a chance to see much of last night's disappointment live—I did strategically position myself to catch the last few innings. One of the first plays that I did see was Rolen's solo shot to centre field. Take a look at the clip. Notice that Rolen sprints around the basebads; he doesn't take is precious time; he doesn't stand and watch his ball leave the park; from the moment that the ball leaves his bat, Scott Rolen hustles.

Scott Rolen has traits that many big leaguers don't have (Vernon Wells for example): integrity, heart, and is a true professional. I'd be more disappointed in a Scott Rolen trade at the deadline than a Halladay trade. With a Halladay trade—at least from what JP has been saying—we're going to get a spectacular package of youngster, or the trade doesn't happen. In a Scott Rolen trade, we might get a guy 1/2 as good on 3B and maybe a B-list prospect.

What agravates me even more is that the Red Sox are looking hard at Rolen. Could you imagine a trade to Boston where we get that useless piece-of-shit Mike Lowel and some other clown?

If Halladay does go by the "Jays Line" set for July 28th, it's probably likely that Rolen is a part of the deal, or that the Jays make a trade in the days that follow which could involve Rolen and/or Over-gay.