For the love of the Jays

Alright, so this season has been a big fucking let down. I've come to that point in the season where I've lost hope for an interesting September and am thinking toward next year. This doesn't disappoint me at all; it happens ever goddamn year. Why on earth do we as fans get our hopes up in April?

The Jays are a small market team in a big market city. Toronto ranks in the top 5 for drawing numbers in the majors. In fact, the other cites in front of Toronto in this category all have two MLB ball clubs: NYY/NYM, CHC/CWS, LAD/LAA. Rogers is not interested in winning baseball games. Rogers is not interested acquiring high profile players. Rogers is interested in the bottom line—the Blue Jays are just another arm in their massive conglomerate.

Every fucking year, it's the same story: well, next year should be a lot better because... and the list of reasons always sounds good. When was the last time 'next year' was better? Next year is never any fucking better!

This year is just the same. Next year the Jays will be much better because they'll be healthy, their young arms will have another year of experience... Well, we thought that this season, didn't we?

Three Big League players are eligible for free agency after this season: Scutes, Johnny Mac, and The David Dellucci Experiment. Scutaro should get a significant raise, as he's only making $1.1M this season. However, base on his play this year, he could be classified as Class-A. In that case, I don't imagine they'll resign him, but rather take the two draft picks (seems to be par for the course over the last 8 years). Deluch is making $4M this season—I really don't have much to say about his right now. If they loose Sir John A, I don't know what I'll do.

Trade talks are swirling around Halladay, Rolen, Overbay, Wells and Rios. Certainly, it would be devastating if the Jays lost one or more of those guys (I fucking love Scott Rolen, probably more than that douche in the commercial). So what if we get a good prospect package in return. Prospects are fucking prospects; sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't.

All that said and done, I will continue to watch the Jays and cheer for the Jays and hope for the Jays and talk about the Jays and talk like we're going to be in the post-season sometime soon even if the team is sans Halladay, sans Rolen, sans Scutes Scutes Scutaro and even sans John fucking McDonald (gasp!). The Jays are the Jays. I was a little kid when they won in '92 and '93 and I'm now a fan for life. So fuck you Rogers.

Remember the glory days and don't stop believing.



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