A heart to match his 7 gloves.

I was working last night, so I didn't get a chance to see much of last night's disappointment live—I did strategically position myself to catch the last few innings. One of the first plays that I did see was Rolen's solo shot to centre field. Take a look at the clip. Notice that Rolen sprints around the basebads; he doesn't take is precious time; he doesn't stand and watch his ball leave the park; from the moment that the ball leaves his bat, Scott Rolen hustles.

Scott Rolen has traits that many big leaguers don't have (Vernon Wells for example): integrity, heart, and is a true professional. I'd be more disappointed in a Scott Rolen trade at the deadline than a Halladay trade. With a Halladay trade—at least from what JP has been saying—we're going to get a spectacular package of youngster, or the trade doesn't happen. In a Scott Rolen trade, we might get a guy 1/2 as good on 3B and maybe a B-list prospect.

What agravates me even more is that the Red Sox are looking hard at Rolen. Could you imagine a trade to Boston where we get that useless piece-of-shit Mike Lowel and some other clown?

If Halladay does go by the "Jays Line" set for July 28th, it's probably likely that Rolen is a part of the deal, or that the Jays make a trade in the days that follow which could involve Rolen and/or Over-gay.


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