Vernon Wells: and you thought his offence was bad.

The boys at show that Wells ranks worst among CF in the MLB.

Vernon’s UZR/150 (zone rating over 150 games) is an MLB CF worst -31.9. To put this into perspective a few players are tied for second down at -12ish... Wells’ fielding has cost the Jays 21.3 runs vs an average fielder this season. This is second worst in the MLB, only -0.3 less than Adam Dunn’s -21.6 fielding runs.

My fucking God! Sweet fucking Jesus! Adam Dunn?


The article is worth a read.

Update: Thanks to FanGraphs, I've tracked down the complete fielding number for CFs in the MLB:

Team UZR/150
Blue Jays -29.6
Braves -13.2
Orioles -12.8
Phillies -12.4
Indians -11.5
Nationals -10.4
Red Sox -9.7
Mets -8.3
Diamondbacks -6.9
Astros -4.8
Rockies -4.1
Angels -4.1
Twins -3.2
Cubs 0.7
Pirates 1.7
Tigers 1.7
Marlins 1.8
Rays 3.4
Padres 4.1
Brewers 5.9
White Sox 7
Rangers 7.7
Giants 8
Reds 8.8
Dodgers 10.5
Yankees 10.9
Royals 11.1
Athletics 14.3
Cardinals 21
Mariners 21.3

For all CF, the average UZR/150 is +0.3. Vernon Wells carries a z-score of -2.66; statistically he performs much worse than the average CF.


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