What a stinky mess

The shit show Mets somehow created an even worse shit show at a press conference announcing the firing of the creator of the original shit show—that's a lot of shit.

Today the Mets fired former player personnel chief and future UFC competitor Tony Bernazard after an incident last week. Bernazard, in a heated rant to players on the AA MiLB affiliate, ripped off his shirt and challenged team members to fight him. This prompted an investigation by the Mets, which uncovered other past incidents: altercations with visiting scouts, an altercation with closer KRod and an altercation with other staff members.

In today's press conference announcing the firing, Mets' GM Omar Minaya singled out Adam Rubin, the reported who wrote the piece that prompted the investigation. Minaya accused Rubin of somehow having misplaced interest, as in the past he had inquired "about how to get into baseball."

A clip of the original press conference can be seen here. Minaya's comments prompted such turmoil and shit throwing that Rubin—a reporter himself—had to state a psudo press conference with his colleagues; that can be seen here.

This one makes absolutely no fucking sense to me. First off, he reported something that was 100% true. In no way did he make a malicious attempt at getting Bernazard fired. Read all the shit that is coming out about Bernazard now. Apparently, this is not a recent turn in his character. Second off, the guy made a general inquiry about how to get into baseball with baseball people. What the fuck is wrong with that? It would be the same as a student of journalism asking Rubin about how to get into sports writing. Would Rubin fear that the student wanted his job? Absolutely not. Ridiculous.

Well, all eyes are on Minaya now; he's made a stab at one of their own. You better believe this will be in the headlines for a while considering the Mets aren't doing anything on the feild that warrants being documented.


Jeff Blair's tweet on the fiasco is pretty damn funny. GloBlair posted,

This just in: Omar Minaya says he'll trade Adam Rubin to NY Times, but that there's a "premium" to being traded within the city.


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