The David Dellucci experiment has ended. Finally.

According to a tweet from Bastian, Dellucci was DFA so the Jays could make room for "Big" Joe Inglett.

Thank fuck.

Over his cup of coffee tenure with the Jays, "The Looch" was 1-24 at the dish. Not sure why the Jays chose Inglett; their biggest concern right now seems to be the DH spot. Many have been asking for Ruiz to get the call. I'd been questioning that for the longest time: why is the man a career minor leaguer? Well, maybe now isn't a bad time to give him a spot. In Las Vegas this season, he's hitting a very respectable .321/.392/.594 with 22HR and 88RBI.

One might also be asking why Snider didn't get the call. Maybe he's still recovering from his knee/back/whatever injury(ies) he's suffered in AAA.


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