The 'Bee' delay.

Today my subscription to paid for itself. The Blue Jays had the day off and I just happened to be watching the Houston Astros take on the San Diego Padres (mostly because Wandy Rodriguez from my fantasy team was staring the game). In the bottom of the 8th inning Kyle Blanks, the left-fielder for the Padres, threw his hands up in surrender and began to trot into the infield—seemingly in the middle of play. The problem? The 6'6" 285lbs behemoth had been chased by a swarm of bee. Yes, I kid you not: thousands of bees were flying relentlessly about left-field. Most of the bees eventually took refuge in the jacket of the left-field ball-girl.

The ensuing delay lasted about 45 minutes and was ended when a beekeeper sprayed the absolute shit out of the jacket with some type of chemical agent, killing the majority of the bees; a tragic end to such hilarity. The highlight of the entire event was when a grouping of about eight groudkeepers stood in left-field, one was holding a green garbage bag and another was holding a roll of duct tape. They were all arguing about the logistics of the situation: who was going to hold the bag open; who was going to drop the jacket—now bee's nest—into the bag; who was going to duct tape the garbage bag shut, containing the new nest. Kudos goes out to the Padres' announcing crew: they made the delay very enjoyable with about 15 minutes of bee related trivia.

All this because of, clearly worth the 19.99 usd/month.


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